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NSF Strategic Consulting Group

  • Tackling Food Fraud
  • Organisational culture and people behaviours
  • Responding to the Food Safety Modernisation Act
  • Risk Quantification
  • Assuring the Supply chain
  • Crisis Management
  • Driving value from Primary Authority relationships (UK)

The SCG provides:

  • A unique and focused strategic consulting offer for the food industry
  • A resource of highly qualified and respected industry experts with backgrounds in Government, trade and regulatory bodies and across all food industry sectors
  • Thought leading work and development of appropriate technical and commercial solutions
  • Experience and expertise, giving the insight to challenge and the creativity to innovate.

Underpinned by the extensive global resources of NSF International which include representation in over 70 countries, laboratory testing and analysis, technical teams and IT support. 

Contact: consultinggroup@nsf.org

How to get in touch with us:



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